Competition Law

In 2015, the issuance of the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) in 2015 paved way for more regulatory policies in mergers and acquisitions of companies. The promulgation of an anti-competition statute made it relatively more difficult for corporations to proceed with acquisitions, while still expected to keep up with the challenges of the market.

Under our Mergers and Acquisitions practice, we actively assist both local and foreign clients in handling the demands of the PCA by ensuring compliance with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC). We likewise facilitate and secure the required approvals and handle the documentation of the entire process.

Our experience includes:

  • Assisted a foreign-based real estate company in the notification and approval requirements of the PCC on the former’s acquisition of assets involving multiple jurisdictions;
  • Represented a client and helped secure the approval of the PCC on the transaction involving the acquisition of a valuable commercial building in one of the central business districts in the Philippines;
  • Assisted the client in the share acquisition and secured the approval of the PCC on a transaction involving the shares of a local liquified petroleum gas company; and
  • Assisted a publicly listed commercial bank in securing the approval of the PCC in the former’s sale of its auto loan portfolio.

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