Infrastructure Projects & BOT Arrangements

Our Firm’s lawyers possess considerable knowledge of the government procurement, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements, and infrastructure projects, including the financial, technical, and legal review of each project. Our experience includes assisting clients in the entire PPP process, including: preparation of unsolicited proposals for national and local government units, whether through the Build-Operate-Transfer Law or through the National Economic Development Authority Joint Venture rules; representation during the negotiation process; preparation for competitive challenge; and documentation of each step until the issuance of the Notice to Commence/Proceed.

We previously advised the World Bank on risk allocation and mitigation issues in bulk water supply projects with private sector participation. The study included a framework for rationalizing the issuance of National Government political risk guarantees in private sector-financed Build-Operate-Transfer projects.

In infrastructure, we advised the Japan Bank of International Cooperation on water sector reform policies. The study involved working with a team of economic experts to examine the underlying reasons for the underdevelopment in the Philippine water sector, the legal issues involved, and the drafting of possible legislation to address these problems.

To address the clients’ legal concerns outside of the Philippines, GRUBA LAW entered a strategic alliance with WongPartnership LLP, a top-tier law firm headquartered in Singapore. With this new alliance, we are now officially the Philippine member of the WPG Regional Law Network, the leading provider of legal services comprising prominent law firms from the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.