A Remedy to the Complexities of Taxation: Lily K. Gruba releases her second tax book

Lily K. Gruba, the Managing Partner of Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula Law Offices and the former Associate Dean of Ateneo de Manila School of Law, recently released her second book this 2019, “Guide Notes and Cases on Tax Remedies.” It aims to clearly and succinctly explain the intricacies of tax remedies to practitioners and students of law.

“The study of tax is an intricate and complex one,” is a phrase too often heard among lawyers and law students, she said. Tax remedies, though regarded as a significant aspect of taxation, is often seen as too complex for ordinary taxpayers to understand but far too important to be ignored.

The book will be the second of a six-volume “Guide Notes” series on taxation law, started by the publication of her first book, “Guide Notes and Cases on the General Principles of Taxation and the Organization of the B.I.R,” released in 2016. The second book moves away from the foundational principles and focuses on the rights and reliefs available to taxpayers under the Taxation laws.