GrubaLaw: Ranked Tier 3 in Banking and Finance by Legal500

Gruba Law, previously known as Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula, has established itself as a leading force in the legal industry, particularly in the realms of banking and energy sector financing. Renowned for advising numerous banks on substantial multi-million dollar loans, the firm specializes in financing projects within the energy sector. The firm’s expertise extends beyond the energy sector, encompassing a wide range of services including advising on regular and syndicated loans within the banking sector. 

Leading the team is Lily Gruba, whose extensive experience in banking and finance law is highly esteemed. Her collaborative work with both borrowers and lenders across a diverse array of banking matters has been instrumental in the firm’s success. Her leadership and expertise are central to Gruba Law’s reputation in this field.

Antero Jose Caganda, another key figure at Gruba Law, brings his proficiency in managing a broad spectrum of project financing transactions. His expertise significantly enhances the firm’s standing in the legal community. Angelo Patrick Advincula adds further depth to the team with his specialized focus on project financing, ensuring clients receive comprehensive and expert legal counsel.

Additionally, Jorge Alfonso Melo, a key lawyer in the firm, contributes his expertise in disputes, adding a vital dimension to the firm’s service offerings. His involvement ensures clients are equipped with robust legal strategies for complex scenarios.

Under the guidance of practice heads Lily Gruba, Antero Jose Caganda, and Angelo Patrick Advincula, GrubaLaw has emerged as a top-tier choice for clients in need of banking and finance law expertise. The firm’s commitment to delivering superior legal services, combined with its sector-specific knowledge, positions it as a distinguished player in the field of banking and project financing.